Jensen's Exchange

When in need of money, or good second-hand items, one often things of visiting a pawnshop. Near the water front is Jensen's Exchange, just what you need.

Melisandra Ventris the merchant runs Jensen's Exchange - a general store featuring most equipment items.

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Item Damage Avg InventoryPrice Buyback
Arrows, each  413cp 2cp
Artisan's Tools  35gp 4gp
Axe, Throwingd6, x23.518gp 6gp 4sp
Backpack (empty)  32gp 1gp 6sp
Bandoleer (8 items)  45sp 4sp
Battleaxed8, x34.72521pp 8gp
Bedroll  31sp 8cp
Bolts  1601sp 8cp
Bullets  209cp 7cp
Candle  41cp
Chain, 10'  43gp 2gp 4sp
Chess set  22gp 1gp 6sp
Chest, empty  42gp 1gp 6sp
Climber's Kit  38gp 6gp 4sp
Crossbow, Heavyd10, 19-20/x25.77517pp 5gp 6pp
Crossbow, Lightd8, 19-20/x24.72523pp 5gp 2pp 8gp
Dagger (os)d4, 19-20/x22.62542gp 1gp 6sp
Dartd4, x22.5408sp 6sp 4cp
Everburning Torch  15pp 4pp
Fine clothing  43pp 2pp 4gp
Flaild8, x24.538gp 6gp 4sp
Flask, empty  43cp 2cp
Flint and Steel  31gp 8sp
Grappling hook  31gp 8sp
Hammer  35sp 4sp
Hammer, Lightd4, x22.521gp 8sp
Hammock  41sp 8cp
Handaxed6, x33.6750 9gp 6sp
Healer's Kit  35pp 4pp
Holy Symbol  41pp 8gp
Holy Symbol, Wooden  31gp 8sp
Hourglass  32pp 5gp 2pp
Insect netting  45sp 4sp
Journeybread, day  405gp 4gp
Kurkid4, 18-20/x22.750 1pp 2gp 8sp
Lantern  47gp 5gp 6sp
Longspeard8, x34.72555gp 4gp
Longswordd8, 19-20/x24.72521pp 5gp 1pp 2gp
Mace, Heavy (os)d8, x24.511pp 8gp 1pp 4gp 4sp
Mace, Light (os)d6, x23.545gp 4gp
Magnifying Glass  110pp 8pp
Morningstard8, x24.558gp 6gp 4sp
Pick, Heavyd6, x43.8518gp 6gp 4sp
Pick, Lightd4, x42.7524gp 3gp 2sp
Pitons, each  0 8cp
Potion belt (6 slots)  41gp 8sp
Pouch, Belt (empty)  31gp 8sp
Rapierd6, 18-20/x23.8522pp 1pp 6gp
Rations, Trail, per day  355sp 4sp
Rope, Hemp, 50'  41gp 8sp
Rope, Silk, 50'  21pp 8gp
Sapd6, x23.531gp 8sp
Scale, Merchant's  102gp 1gp 6sp
Scimitard6, 18-20/x23.8531pp 5gp 1pp 2gp
Scroll organizer (15 slots)  45gp 4gp
Shortspeard6, x23.531gp 8sp
Sickled6, x23.536gp 4gp 8sp
Speard8, x34.72562gp 1gp 6sp
Spell Component Pouch  35gp 4gp
Spellbook, blank  45pp 4pp
Sword, Shortd6, 19-20/x23.67521pp 8gp
Tent  41pp 8gp
Thieves's Tools  32pp 1pp 6gp
Torch  41sp 8cp
Tridentd8, x24.50 2pp 4gp
Twine, 50'  101sp 8cp
Warhammerd8, x34.72521pp 2gp 9gp 6sp
Waterskin  41gp 8sp


Original description and name of the store came from Citybook II Port o' Call

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